Our Academy of Sports and Sports Club

Whether it’s the nature of studies or keeping fit, our academy of sports brings together, educational opportunities, scholarship placement and quality services, combines academic and non academic functionalities through taught courses, sport development and facility staff.

The students who take avid interest in extra-curricular activities are consistently appreciated and encouraged to take part in indoor and outdoor sports such as basketball, cricket, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, etc. The facilities that we have been able to provide in the college premises have started to bear fruit even in a short span of time as our (basketball/volleyball/cricket) teams return with shields, cups, medals and certificates when they happen to participate in Inter-College Tournaments. The Annual Sports Meet (Intra-College Tournaments/Competitions) is organized with much fanfare where maximum number of students participate in a festive mood. Hence, we always inspire the district/zone/regional/national level high school graduate players to join this college as we have special schemes to facilitate their studies together with serving their sporting interests.