Here are a selection for incredible facilities on offer at Pentagon Int’l College, each course has its own combination of students facilities, plus a diverse range of facilities are listed below:

Highly Specialized Labs

As a strongly vocational college, many of our courses feature practical sessions in fully-equipped laboratories. Highlights include our physics, chemistry and biology labs with testing stations and microscopes for sample assessment.

We also have fully equipped  computer labs with Internet access which can also be used for the assignment and research purposes within the college time.

We also have hotel management  lab. The purpose of the lab is to support the hospitality management program by integrating classroom instruction with extensive hands-on experience.

Instruction cannot be achieved effectively unless hotel management students are exposed to lab sessions.

Library and Learning Sessions

Library and IT support is available at our college to help students use a mixture of books, journals and e-materials to complete their studies. The college has a well set-up library. There are plenty of basic text books, reference materials, magazines and newspapers made available at all the times. Students thriving for knowledge can derive benefits from the available materials. In addition, photocopy services for useful note collections and study materials are available at all times and can be done at a nominal charge. The library also has sufficient materials for the preparation of pre-medical and pre-engineering entrance examinations.There is also the provision for individual study in separate cabinets.

Skills for Learning

We offer students support in educational skills for academic and professional development purposes. There is an extensive range of courses, workshops and group session for many academic learning.

We have strategically and strictly worked out to undertake pre-entrance preparation classes for Medical/engineering entrance examinations, and SAT/TOEFL/CA Foundation Course/Banking Operation Training &  IELTS classes for the students yearning to go abroad for higher education. This effort of ours is sure to enhance the success rate of students in different competitive examinations as well as in their pursuit of studies abroad.


The college has a very large, sunny and airy rooftop cafeteria and can be used for an early breakfast or for lunch. It also provides a quick snack during short-breaks. Both teachers and students take the benefit as food and snack items are prepared in hygienic conditions and at reasonable prices.


The college has its own comfortable transport system- for the students to be ferried to and from the college premises, However, the students who prefer to make use of public vehicles or want to use their own vehicles will find no problem at all because of a highly convenient location.

The college buses pick-up and drop the students only from the points identified in its route map made which is decided by the administrative department. The buses are comfortable and in good condition, ensuring the students a safe and convenient travel to their destinations.