We have a heritage of delivering professional education in the heart of Kathmandu. As a modern college, the bachelors degree are geared to direct the students for the future endeavors.


Bachelor of Business Studies

A pure management 4-years degree named Bachelor in Business Studies, is widely offered by many reputed universities. The course is popular with numerous management students because of its quality. The course impart conceptual knowledge of business and administration. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language, economics, and similar discipline.

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Bachelor of Social

Social work course is fundamentally a multi disciplinary course drawing theoretical concepts from social sciences, keeping social work values and principles at the care. Thus, social work education focuses on holistic and integrated method of  practice rather than reductionist approach. Social work practice has its own paradigm: Ontology, epistemology and axiology i.e., values, principles and techniques.

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Facilities & Amenities

The college consists of spacious classrooms with modern educational equipment.

The college has resourceful library, where prescribed text books, reference materials, research papers etc. are easily available.

The cafeteria provides hygienic food items at an affordable price as per its scheduled menu on breakfast, snacks, meals etc.

The college has its own transportation facilities through the valley.

Objective of the bachelors program 

To impart the best education.
To impart moral and social values.
To provide a congenial teaching learning environment to nurture potentiality.
To make students familiar with modern techno-world that can cope up with the fast moving world.
To produce socially responsible and creative entrepreneurs.
To prepare graduates who are  re committed to lifelong enhancement of their personal and professional development through continuous education.
To provide the environment for overall development.

Teaching Pedagogies:

Our college has adopted an innovative and advance teaching-learning methodology in exclusive way. The vision “The inquisitive minds need creative teaching” is a rationale behind this effort. Its educational activities are conducted by the large number of qualified and experienced teaching faculty of strong academic and professional backgrounds. The teaching is entirely interactive and student-centered. The lectures are supported by the student’s full participation in case studies, group discussions, project assignments and field trips. Apart from these, audio-visual aid, multimedia, projectors, seminars, presentation, site-visits, excursions and other practical experiences.

Rules and Regulations:

Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the college. The students violating these codes of conduct are expelled from the college without any consideration. The following are codes of conduct at Pentagon for maintaining a high spirit of discipline:

Attendance of students will be recorded daily.
No student will be allowed to enter the college premises without a proper uniform and neat haircut.
Wearing jewels, cosmetics and growing or coloring nails are not allowed.
Students must enter and leave the college premises at the prescribed time.
Students must compensate for any damage caused to the property of the college.
Students must carry identity cards to enter the college.
Students are prohibited from bringing materials like cell-phones, periodicals, magazines, CDs, MP3, cassettes, photographs, pictures etc.
Students are strictly prohibited to smoke and create chaos.

Class Hours

The classes will run from 6:30 am to 10:30 am (Morning Shift) and 11:00 am to 4:30 pm (Day Shift), Sunday to Friday.

Examinations and Assessments

The final examination for BSW will be conducted by the office of the Controller of Examination. However, to qualify for the final examinations, the students will need a minimum of 40% in aggregate in all internal assessments including class works, project works, class tests and term examinations.


The internship program involves the students to learn under real work environment and focuses on “Learning by Doing” techniques. Frequent lectures by management professional of practitioners further help the students enhance their knowledge.