Our Student’s accommodation can be considered as one of the best, as compared to other colleges.

Pentagon International College has separate hostels for boy students and girl students which have good and congenial environment for both accommodation and study. The furthest from the college is a 5-minute walk away from all its amenities, leaving students always feeling close to home.

Residences have good transport connection, whether traveling by public vehicle or private vehicle. The hostels are, probably, the best college hostels in Nepal as regards to facilities, discipline, care and comfort. Each hostel is cared and supervised by a veteran and strict warden (boy’s hostel by a male warden and girl’s hostel by a female warden), quite capable of dealing with the minds of adolescents. Further, we provide them an atmosphere of developing socially good behavior and feeling of self realization.

Furthermore, the food served to them as meal is prepared, considering the individual’s interest and their health.


Only the students who are permitted to see admissions to academic courses can apply for accommodation to be allotted on the basis of merit and locality. However, the preference is given to those who hail from outside Kathmandu valley and may face the problem of being accommodated.