Starting at Pentagon

We do everything we can to make your settling-in period fun and straightforward.

We know how unnerving the first days at any institution can be. However, we do everything we can to help new students feel at home here whether you’re from Kathamandu or outside the valley. Here are some highlights to be aware of.

Enrollment and Induction

Enrollment takes place before you start your course. On completing the process, new students formally join the Institute. There will be an interview session after which you will be invited to a welcome meeting. At PEN, you will confirm your qualifications by showing relevant certificates, and also bring proof of identity.

The accepted applicants who have been accepted at PEN will be sent details of induction, which is when they are welcomed to the Institute and their School. Induction helps you get the best out of your university experience, and makes sure you have all the tools to succeed in your studies.

Freshers’ celebrations

A vibrant time in our Students’ calendar is given to our Freshers – new students joining Pentagon. Our  college host a number of events specially designed to get new students together and welcomed to life at PEN.

Our Freshers’ is a celebration of all our sports teams and clubs. Find out what they offer, pick up a few “freebies” and discover how you can get involved. Whether you’re looking to grow your social life, for a health kick or a new cause to follow you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.